Pyser-SGI Evolution Portable Microscope, Bright Field w/4X, 10X & 40X Objectives w/10X Eyepiece

Pyser-SGI Evolution Portable Microscope, Bright Field w/4X, 10X & 40X Objectives w/10X Eyepiece
Pyser-SGI Evolution Portable Microscope, Bright Field w/4X, 10X & 40X Objectives w/10X Eyepiece
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Evolution Portable Brightfield microscope with 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives, 10x eye piece, Brightfield LED illuminator, white frosted filter and carrying case.

We have often been asked if we can provide a 40x phase objective in addition or in place of one of the other objectives. Because the phase is set up specific to an objective, each Evolution Phase Microscope is set up before it leaves the factory and cannot be changed in the field. Therefore it is not possible to change over the objectives in the field.

We can offer two additional variations of the phase contrast Evolution Microscope, both which will contain the 40x Phase Objective:


This is the microscope for which the saying "Take the microscope to the specimen, not the specimen to the microscope" could not be more appropriate. The innovatively designed Evolution portable scientific field microscope combines virtually all of the features of a full-size research grade light microscope that is light weight, hand held, and high quality optics. 

Who would benefit from this portable light microscope the most?
The largest segments of customers for this product seem to be forensic scientists who need a microscope to take out into the field to crime scenes, physicians wanting to have a "quick look" at certain types of samples, such as skin scrapings to look for signs of diseased cells, and geologists wanting to look at soils, clays, etc, and biologists wanting to look at leaves, fungi, and organic material in streams, rivers and lakes. 

Brightfield and phase contrast:
The Evolution Portable Scientific Field Microscope can be purchased configured for either a) Brightfield or b) phase contrast (and Brightfield as well) for a slightly higher price.

LED illumination:
SPI Supplies offers the Evolution Portable Scientific Field Microscope only with LED illumination. Why? Because the "bulb" never has to be changed. The lifetime of the LED source is so much longer than a conventional "bulb", that in essence it lasts for the life of the instrument. No more does the user find a burned out bulb at the least opportune time. You won't ever have to worry about having this instrument end up like others that are perfectly functional except for a bulb that no one seems to be able to supply. 

But experience has taught us that there are some non-believers. And it is for them and only for them that we list a replacement LED source. But for 99% of all customers, you will never ever have to worry about replacing the LED source. 

Power Supply:
The Evolution Portable Scientific Field Microscope can be operated with either 2 Size "AA" batteries or with line voltage of 100-240v. 


Many customers will find that the basic microscope, by itself, is all that they need. However we do offer some optional accessories that would make the use of the Evolution microscope to be either more efficient or faster or both. 

Mechanical stage: 
This enables the specimen slide to be more conveniently moved in the x-y directions. 

High magnification eyepieces:
Available as W15x and W20x, these eyepieces increase the magnification of the microscope for a nominal amount of additional money. 

Brightfield objective:
The optional 20x objective is for those needed more variety in the selection of the final magnification. 

Available in colors of white, blue frosted as well as blue and green clear, these are useful for the enhancement of contrast in certain samples. 

Polarizing accessory:
Enhances the image quality on certain types of specimens, available only for the Brightfield version and not the phase contrast version. We know that this might sound off but we have found that the phase contrast version just does not have enough intensity in order for the polarizing accessory to perform. 

What comes with the microscope as "standard":
Every microscope is supplied with its own carrying case, LED illuminator and frosted filter. 

Technical specifications:

Body:          Die cast aluminum in a padded protective case
Head:          Monocular
Eye piece:     Wide field W10x
Objectives:    Triple nosepiece with three objectives with long working 
               distances 4s, 10x, and 40x for the Brightfield version and 4x,
               P10x and P20x for the phase contrast version.  Illuminator has
               build in condenser.
Stage:         Open base stage with stage clip, mechanical stage available 
               as an option.
Focusing:      Single precision focusing adjustment
Illumination:  LED battery powered illuminator
Power Supply:  Universal 100 - 240 volt input voltage