Scope Plus Image Processing Software Package with User Manual

Scope Plus Image Processing Software Package with User Manual
Scope Plus Image Processing Software Package with User Manual
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The prospective purchaser of image processing software for light microscopy has a myriad number of different software choices available. However we have decided to offer our customers a very powerful software product that does all of the basic features expected of a good image processing software product, plus archiving and easy retrieval capabilities as well, but for a very low price. We expect that the Scope Plus software will be sufficiently low in price that even high school science teachers will find it attractive for use in their science classes. 

But as we have learned at some recent exhibitions when we have had the software on display, cutting edge researchers have also been impressed with the power of the software and its low price. We have even found that the software, when used in conjuction with a low cost stereo zoom microscope and digital camera can make for a truly economically priced "package". 

Description of Scope Plus software:
The Scope Plus image analysis software will be useful in a wide range of different appplication environments including biology, medicine, material sciences, forensic laboratories, class room settings, etc. The Scope Plus software is designed for acquisition of color and grayscale digital raster images formed not only in a light microscope. And in addition, for those with a transmission (TEM) or scanning (SEM) electron microscope, the Scope Plus software can be equally useful for the storing and analyzing of images. 

Hence, the Scope Plus software permits image printing, image enhancing, image calibration, automatic and manual measurements of image features, calculation of more than 40 features of objects of interest, describing dimensions, area, form and brightness of objects; accumulations, statistical processing and export of results for either single or multiple images. 

Highlights of the Scope Plus software: 

  • Remote control of camera and image recording;
  • Input from video source with the displaying of “live” video images and the capture of objects of interest;
  • Input of images from TWAIN-compatible hardware (e.g. scanner);
  • Automatic numbering of scanned images;
  • Display of images on the monitor screen in various scales;
  • Saving image to disk files in various formats with further opportunity for data reading for image observation and printing and processing.
  • Image database;
  • Basic processing and image rotation by up to 90°, image resizing, vertical and horizontal mirroring, image cropping;
  • Definition of Region of Interest (ROI) of arbitrary form by manual outlining of area using either brightness or color thresholding;
  • Viewing of brightness and RGB and HSB color channel intensity histograms of an entire image or selected image area of arbitrary shape in linear or logarithmic scale;
  • Manual counting of objects of interest;
  • Image calibration. The following units can be used for measurements: nm, angstrom, mkm, mm, cm, m, km;
  • Automatic resolution (pixels per physical unit) conversion for different image sizes and microscope magnifications;
  • Displaying of image scale mark (scale bar), adjusting of scale bar appearance and position on the image;
  • Printing of images with predetermined expansion;
  • Manual measurement of distances on the image while displaying the measured results on the image (see red lines), such measurements can be copied to clipboard and printed with the image;
  • Calculation of image brightness profile along line segment and measurement of distances on it;
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment, gamma correction;
  • Color balance correction;
  • Filtering of images: filters of brightness gain, noise filtering, morphological filters;
  • Arithemetic and logical operations with images;
  • Calculation of Fourier transform;
  • Manual measurement of angles;
  • Image binning (improvement of image contrast at the expense of image resolution);
  • Extended focus (improvement of image focus depth by combining a series of images);
  • Manual and semiautomatic marking of objects of interest according to brightness;
  • Calculation of more than 40 morphometric features of objects: square, perimeter, coefficients of form, orientation;
  • Filtering of measured parameter of images;
  • Export of measurement results in statistics pockets or Excel® for processing;
  • Calculation of statistics for object features;
  • Abscission of background;
  • Grading of background;
  • Correction of geometric defects;
  • Removal of defects on image;

Specifications for the minimum (and recommended) computer requirements:
A. Pentium® 500 MHz Processor (1.0GHz+ recommended)
B. 128 Mb RAM for Microsoft Windows® 98 and 256 Mb RAM for Microsoft Windows® 2000 or XP (512 Mb+ recommended)
C. Microsoft Windows® 98, 2000, or XP (2000 or XP recommended)
D. 8 Mb Video card (PCI, AGP or PCI-E) (64+ Mb recommended)
E. Window graphics modes supported: 1024 x 768 and more.
F. Recommended setting is 16.7 million colors in order to get 256 true levels of grey on the screen.
G. 40 Gb Hard Drive (a CD or DVD writer is helpful for long term data storage)

Each copy of the Scope Plus software is accompanied with a complete User's Manual.