Orion EDS Mapping Option

Orion EDS Mapping Option
Orion EDS Mapping Option
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For users with an EDS system on their SEM, the EDS Mapping Module allows one to grab EDS dot maps, which can then be superimposed over a secondary electron (SE) image or backscattered electron (BSE) image. The scanning for the dot maps must be provided by the SEM circuitry (not an active drive from EDS). 

The EDS Mapping Module includes the following tools:

  • Frame integration of EDS dot maps (This allows the user to integrate several frames, thus achieving a higher density dot map in the end).
  • Up to 16 maps can be overlayed onto an SE or BSE image. Each map has its own specific color.
  • A dot map packing utility. This produces maps with a higher dot density.
  • A thresholding function, which will give white dots on a black background even if contrast and brightness settings are not ideal during the grabbing process.