Orion Macro Commands Option

Orion Macro Commands Option
Orion Macro Commands Option
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Orion Macro Commands Option

A) Domain of application

When a user has repetitive tasks to execute: repetitive grabbing, fast printing with user-definable page layouts; when it is required to simplify the user interface and optimize it for particular tasks; when it is possible to reduce a complex sequence of actions into a simple key click. 

B) Purpose

In the 32-bits version of ORION, there are 30 programmable buttons in the main system toolbar. Each of them can be assigned a sequence of commands. When the user clicks a button, the sequence is automatically executed. There are up to now 200 instructions, and this number is growing in each new release. 

c) Example

GrabPhoto 1, 2, 1 Grab an image in photo mode, resolution 3300 x 2200 pixels
Interpolate 1,2 Reduces its size with interpolation, to 1650 x 1100
Delete 1 Delete original
Include 16, 1, 100, 1200 Include image 16which is your logo
SaveImage 2, test, v, .tif. 0      Save image as test01.tif
Add v, 1 Increments v counter for next save