Kammrath & Weiss Transfer Module

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Transfer Module for Safe Transfer of Environmentally Sensitive Samples

The Kammrath and Weiss Materials Testing Modules represent the highest quality testing platforms for mechanical testing and transfer of materials to the SEM.

The Kammrath and Weiss Transfer Module is a special device for use with an SEM. It is made for the purpose of carrying delicate and sensitive specimens in a capsule from the SEM into a glove box or vice versa so that these specimens will be protected from air or moisture at all times. This device will mount on the specimen stage just like a microscope sample and only takes a few moments to install it in the SEM, or in the glove box.

The shipment volume contains the module, a vacuum-tight flange, cable bundles, and two battery buffered controller for the opening/closing process. One controller stays at the SEM and another one inside the glove box.

The stage door of the SEM must be opened to mount it on the specimen holder seat, just like exchanging an ordinary SEM specimen. A cable bundle leads from the module to the vacuum flange at the door surface or at the side wall of the specimen chamber. The whole assembly will not exceed 40 mm height.

A small platform is mounted inside a "capsule"-like structure, equipped with a lid. This lid can be opened and closed by a small DC motor at air or in a vacuum. Specimens for this module may be as tall as 6 mm, and we recommend to provide small "Cambridge" specimen stubs. Eight of them will fit inside the module. Alternatively, two larger disks (25mm dia) may be used to mount the specimens there.

Other specimen holders from ion milling systems like Hitachi IM4000 or Cryo systems from Leica etc. can be ordered separately and incorporated into the vessel.

When closed, a fine polished O-ring seat will hermetically seal the inside of the capsule.

The capsule may be prepared with all specimens under the protective gas atmosphere of a glove box. To run the opening/closing in the glove box also, a second (battery buffered) controller is part of the shipment. It will be transferred into the glove box through the airlock. Therefore modifications to the glove box are not necessary.

The Transfer module is mounted like a large specimen on the SEM stage. Together with the stage, the whole module will move in the specimen chamber. Most SEM are suitable for the transfer module.

Dimensions approx. 120 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm. Depending on the various methods of specimen clamping are available.


Heating / Cooling (Option)

An optional heating or heating/cooling platform can be integrated either right away, or at some later time as a retrofit. (return to factory for modification) Once the module is enhanced with a heater, the max number of the specimen is limited to one. (10x10mm²). With or without a heater, this module can be tilted a certain amount (depends upon the type of SEM – usually around 30°).

Modularity / Flexibility

Kammrath and Weiss Systems are designed to meet your testing requirements and can be adapted to your specific application. There are many options to consider. The easiest way to begin is to contact us and discuss your particular needs.