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SPI Supplies® Brand Easy-Cut™ Ultra/Glass 406 mm(L) x 25.4 mm(W) x 8mm(Thick), Box of 24

Specially formulated glass is manufactured, then specific sheets are selected for their high quality knife-making properties. The sheets are cut to the high tolerances expected for the production of accurate, consistent knives for your microtomy applications. Our glass strips are prewashed, boxed and ready to use without further treatment.

Selection of the right glass:
There are fundamentally two different types of glass knife makers, one designed for making knives for thick sectioning only and the other for making thin as well as thick sections. The most common type of knife maker for  thick sections is the "Ralph" knife maker style. Glass used with that kind if knife maker is the lower cost "Histology" glass. When using knife makers designed for making knives for thin section work, use the high quality

SPI Supplies “Ultra-glass”. 
Use the “histology” glass when a lower quality knife edge is sufficient for cutting thick section.

Use the “Ultra-glass” when the highest quality knife edge is required for ultramicrotomy and thin sections.

Both glasses produce durable,sharp edges sutiable for thick, semi-thin or ultrathin sections. 

Based on research in our own laboratories, the 6.0mm thickness makes the best glass knives when using the “Ralph Knife Maker".