Scientech Electronic Top Loading Semi-Analytical Balance Model SP150 100-240v Use, CE Certified

Scientech Electronic Top Loading Semi-Analytical Balance Model SP150 100-240v Use, CE Certified
Scientech Electronic Top Loading Semi-Analytical Balance Model SP150 100-240v Use, CE Certified
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Series 12000 Electronic Balances: 
The foundation for this new line is Scientech’s unique and unequalled displacement detection system and our digital servo. The result is a high quality balance that can go as low as 0.01mg for less cost. The attractive quality of this new technology is demonstrated by the CE mark of conformity along with Scientech’s ISO 9001 registration. 

Model SP150: Top-Loading "mg" Balances (Semi-Analytical)

  • Weighing mode: Single
  • Capacity range, g: 150
  • Readability, mg: 1
  • Repeatability (standard deviation),mg: 1
  • Linearity, ± mg: 1.5
  • Calibration: External weights
  • Stabilization time, seconds: ~ 3
  • Pan size, inches/mm: Circular, 4.5"/114 mm diameter
  • Windscreen: Circular, 6" diameter x 3.25 " H (171 mm diameter x 83 mm H)
  • Balance housing: 7.5"W x 11.25" D x 3.25H (191mm W x 286 mm D x 83 mm H)
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This impressive new Series includes:

  • 46 models in both single and dual range configurations
  • Four semi-micro (0.01mg) models 
  • Capacities range from 50g to 12,000g
  • Readabilities from 0.01mg to 0.1g 
  • All dual range units feature our exclusive Floating Tare™ feature 
  • The latest technology 
  • Twelve 0.1mg and 0.01mg models which have internal calibration weights as a standard feature 
  • A new look with an attractive color scheme 
  • A much larger LCD display with the numerals having a height of 23mm (about 1 inch) 
  • Two tare buttons 
  • RS232 data interface 
  • GLP/GMP/ISO compatibility 
  • User selectable filter settings 
  • Capacity tracker 
  • Percent weighing 
  • Parts counting 
  • Eight units of measure (g, kg, mg, lb, oz, troy oz, carats, and pennyweight) 

Internal weights vs. no internal weights:
When a balance is set up, it must be calibrated for accuracy and this is because temperature, altitude, latitude and magnetic influences will change a balance's calibration. And there are two ways to approach the calibration issue. The original way, and one used by many today and preferred by ISO auditors, is to use an external calibration weight, and for that reason, balances can be ordered with such weights as an optional accessory. The second way is with an internal weight that is built into the balance and this version of the product is slightly more expensive because of this feature. However, someone with this form of the balance product will still be required by ISO auditors to have a set of external weights. 

Range (capacity) specifications:
The range is defined as the breath at which a balance can read at the stated "readability". If the range (or capacity) is 40g, and if the readability is 0.01 mg, it will read 0.01 mg through that entire range. But if a balance has a "dual capacity", it can be set to read at two different capacities, and it will read at each capacity at the stated readability. So if the second capacity is 120g, and that readability is the more coarse 0.1mg, the same balance can be used for these two different situations. An important feature of the Scientech Series 12000 dual range balances is that it will read at the finer readability up until the stated upper range of the stated range is exceeded and then automatically flip over to the higher range (but with the more coarse readability). 

Floating Tare™ (dual range models only):
In a sense, the dual range balances offer two balances in one. The Floating Tare™ feature provides readability throughout the entire high range capacity of the balance. For example, if one had a 100g beaker but wanted to measure out 10g, the beaker would be measured first, press the "zero" button and then one can "zero out" the weight of the beaker, and operate at the finer readability even though the range of the lower of the two ranges has been exceeded. The Floating Tare feature is present on all Scientech dual range models, something not found on some other dual range balances from other manufacturers. 

Power requirements:
All Scientech Series 12000 balances can operate with input voltage from 100v to 240v and 50/60 Hz. 

Available products:
The Scientech Model 12000 balances are subdivided into three categories: Semi-micro balances, analytical balances and semi-analytical (top loading) balances.