K-kit System: Starter Box

K-kit System: Starter Box
K-kit System: Starter Box
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K-kit System: Starter Box

K-kit Starter Box: includes Glue, breaker, 4x stirring Sticks, 2x stainless steel needles

The K-kit Starter kit consists of all essentials for K-kit loading and included: 

Two vials mounting glue
Two vials sealing glue
Channel tip breaker
Four stirring sticks 
Two stainless steel thin needles.

The Starter kit is typically good for one set or more of the K-kit chambers.

The K-kit system is an innovative tool that allows the examination of liquids in a TEM without the use of specialized TEM holders, feedthroughs or equipment. K-kits are sample holders designed to facilitate TEM observations of liquid samples, allowing nanoparticles, aggregates, and agglomerates to be characterized in the liquids. With vacuum compatible sealing of liquids in electron-transmitting thickness, K-kits are micro reaction chambers for countless experiments in materials, chemical and biological research.

  • Definitive: Direct observation in final product form or relevant media, minimizing artifacts.
  • Quantitative: Image-based statistical analysis of aggregation and agglomeration as well as particle concentration.
  • Comprehensive: All physicochemical characterization requirements can be addressed.

Each specimen cell is in its own carrier which includes a clear cap, a carrier with K-kit sitting on top of the plate and a bottom compartment housing a copper grid. The carrier is designed as a protective container during storage and shipment. It also serves as sample preparation facilitator and thus, the K-kit stays on the carrier plate for the entire sample preparation protocol until after the copper grid is attached.
Specimen preparation tools and adhesives for sealing the chamber are available.