Super Glue Gel Cyanoacrylate Tube 2g

Super Glue Gel Cyanoacrylate Tube 2g
Super Glue Gel Cyanoacrylate Tube 2g
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Select this easy-to-use, fast setting Super Glue Gel when affixing porous samples, since the viscosity keeps the adhesive from "wicking up" into the porosity of the sample, thereby also introducing artifacts. The product will work on most materials exhibits good off-gassing characteristics in a vacuum and has an almost unlimited lifetime to the bond that is formed. However, the glue is not conductive and for those instances where greater conductivity is needed (but when less tenacious binding is needed), we recommend the SPI double sided adhesive discs, sheets, or tapes.

2gm tube

Be sure to keep in mind that cured cyanoacrylates are generally thought to have a useful temperature range from -65° F (-54° C) to 180° F (82° C). It is also perceived that a cyanoacrylate is not completely cured until the passing of twenty four hours. We do not recommend the use of this product on glass and one can expect bond failure when applied to glass to occur within a few days. If indeed it is used on glass, then it should be strictly for a temporary application and at the very maximum a one week life might be expected. However, if immersed in water or exposed to sterilization conditions, then the time to failure would be significantly less.