SPI Silver Kwik-Stik

SPI Silver Kwik-Stik
SPI Silver Kwik-Stik
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This fast and economical alternative to SPI Silver Paint in a bottle with a brush applicator top is now even better! Not only has the shelf life been increased but the performance has been radically improved as well. The Silver Kwik-Stik has improved adhesion, more reliable curing, improved conductivity and has reduced curing sensitivity to temperature. Because the product has a spring loaded "tip", the silver paint is allowed to flow smoothly and without clogging. We say "tip" because it is really an opening or orifice that is essentially "sealed" with a spring-loaded stopper. When the tip is pressed against a surface, it retracts into the pen barrel, allowing liquid to flow through the opening.

Because of the design, the trace width will vary depending on the degree of tip retraction (how hard down the Kwik-Stik is pressed) and also how hard the pen body is squeezed. Both of these factors control the amount of conductive liquid that is applied to the surface. The opening of the pen is approximately 1 mm and one can make fairly uniform sized dots of about that size. When one "writes" with the SPI Kwik-Stik, the trace width is roughly 2.2 mm, but will of course vary for the same reasons mentioned above.

Silver Kwik-Stik is also fast because the pen readily distributes just the right amount of paint and it is economical because you get just what you need, where you need it. And because the applied layer is so thin, there is virtually no "skin" effect when drying.

There are other applications as well, such as for repairs of printed circuit boards. Solderable terminations are obtained in about twenty minutes using a 250° F/121° C cure. This is the smallest size "dot" that can be made with any silver paint.

How much can I get out of a single SPI Silver Kwik-Stik? Well it does depend on how hard you press and how fast your "draw", but typically 100 feet/30 meters could be expected. The silver colloid is tightly controlled for a uniform drying line without the skin effect that often times can occur with less precisely controlled silver colloid size.

Use to MOUNT, to HIGH-LIGHT or to POINT OUT. Makes areas of interest easy to find in the SEM. But whatever the use, no SEM laboratory should be without the SPI Silver Kwik-Stik.

Conductivity: <0.1 ohms per area

Look at these potential applications. Think of what problems you now have that could be solved with the SPI Silver Kwik-Stik!