Quick "G" Grid Coating Pen

Quick "G" Grid Coating Pen
Quick "G" Grid Coating Pen
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One light touch of the Coat-Quick™ "G" Pen provides an ultrathin layer of sticky adherent coating onto the grid surface. The grid will be ready for tissue section mounting after drying for only one or two minutes at room temperature. The Coat-Quick™ "G" Pen is also effective as a pre-treatment prior to application of TEM support films such as Formvar®, Parlodion® or collodion, Butvar® or other fragile membranes by acting as a barrier to further tearing of the thin membrane or support film.

The use of the Coat-Quick™ G Pen is easy to learn, saves enormous amounts of time, if not also saving otherwise doomed TEM experiments because the adhesive literally stops a tear forming in the support film from jumping from one grid square to an adjacent one.

Summary of the advantages of the Coat-Quick™ G Pen:

  • When picking up sections on a TEM grid, they will not "pop" off as is often times the case.
  • Sections can be positioned exactly on the grid for easiest viewing and analysis
  • During staining, the sections will still adhere well to the grid.
  • During washing, the sections will not partially lift off and fold back on themselves, making it impossible to view the sections.
  • Image drift is reduced since the sections are firmly anchored to the grid bars.
  • When a section or support film does start to tear (or crack), the adherent areas at the grid bars act as a barrier for additional crack propagation of the film.

Shelf life:
We advise using the pens within one year of their receipt for best results.