PIKAL Liquid Metal Polish for UHV Applications 300g Can

PIKAL Liquid Metal Polish for UHV Applications 300g Can
PIKAL Liquid Metal Polish for UHV Applications 300g Can
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Pikal Liquid is a recognized name with those needing to polish delicate metal surfaces for nearly 100 years. It is a unique product that is unlike any other. It has been formulated with a smaller size aluminum oxide abrasive particle than its sister product, Pikal Paste. Hence, it will not be as effective of a remover of caked on dirt as Pikal Paste or Pikal Care but it will result in a high liquid with minimal abrasive damage to the polished surface.

For the applications in high vacuum and UHV and electron microscope applications, we recommend Pikal Paste instead of Pikal liquid. If your application is not so demanding, and you don't need this kind of high performance in a metal polish, and there are some who do not, then we would suggest you consider the lower-cost Wenol metal polishes, also available from SPI Supplies.

Non-technical applications:
Pikal Liquid is known for giving high luster to home hardware like door knobs and brass kitchen utensils or fireplace hardware. It also works wonders on metal tableware, musical instruments, irons and other products made of stainless steel, nickel, chrome, and aluminum.

It is also effective in the polishing of precious metals, ivory and tortoise-shell objects, and plastics. It is used widely for the chrome plate parts of automobiles, especially antique automobiles.

Pikal liquid is also used in hospitals and medical clinics for the polishing of stainless steel instruments, parts of medical equipment, hardware of ships, fire engines, and ambulances. In the home kitchen, it is also widely used for removing dirt from enameled surfaces such as on refrigerators and stoves.

Always think of Pikal liquid as being the "gentle alternative" to Pikal Paste or Pikal Care.

Keep all containers of Pikal liquid tightly shut and out of reach of small children.

Packaging options:
Pikal Liquid is available in a can containing 300g or 4 kg of product. The percent of abrasive solids in Pikal liquid is far less than it is for Pikal Paste and Pikal Care, the paste products which are normally used "dry".

Use instruction:
In our own laboratory, we like to use Pikal Liquid with an SPI-Wipes lint-free cotton wiper. We wrap some around the fore-finger, take up some of the liquid, and then apply the liquid polish to the surface to be cleaned and polished. The unique combination of abrasive particles and organic extenders seems to give most surfaces a high final polish.

A second lint-free wiper dipped in Asahiklin AK225 Light Duty Degreaser (or acetone) removes almost all residues from the polish and then a final cleaning using an ultrasonic cleaner and Asahiklin AK225 removes virtually all traces of the paste. If you don't have Asahiklin AK225, you can use it as a substitute, acetone, however, exposure to acetone vapors is not desirable and should be avoided if at all possible.