Glow-Writer Phosphorescent Marking Pen

Glow-Writer Phosphorescent Marking Pen
Glow-Writer Phosphorescent Marking Pen
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The Glow-Writer™ Phosphorescent Marking Pen is designed for laboratory autography. However there are many other "marking" applications, such as the marking of glass and quartz microscope slides, paper, ceramics, or just about any surface where one might want to mark for reading after x-ray or other types of exposures. 

Description of the product:
The Glow-Writer is specially designed with the optimum concentration of phosphor so that a line of any length will glow under fluorescent conditions. It can be used on a variety of substrates, on chemi-luminescent and also radioisotope-labeled surfaces. It is self-contained, is re-useable and does not require additional labeling material. The fine point "nib" allows for precise writing and greater information density. 

The product provides a quick and convenient method for marking autoradiographs and it is also suitable for the marking of paper, plastic films, and dried polyacrylamide gels. The self-contained unit can easily and quickly mark materials with unique information. Simply shake the pen prior to each use and then write directly onto the desired substrate. The specially concentrated phosphor ink with an ideal glow intensity and duration has been selected so that upon exposure to x-ray film, autographic exposures of almost any duration will be easily readable on the film. It is the ideal method to record run numbers, dates, exposure times and other data. 

Full instructions. 

What not to write on:
The ink is a lacquer paint system and therefore any organic-susceptible surface should be spot-tested first to make sure it won't be damaged. 

Replacement of the "nib"
The fine point nib will eventually dry out but it is easily replaced when that happens for a nominal price. 

Shelf life:
Nothing is "forever" and the Glow-Writer pen is no exception. The shelf-life is three years after receipt by our customer. The pen should always be stored on its "side", not standing up, because the pigment does tend to settle out and it is much more easily resuspended when stored as recommended.