P-47 Coated Scintillator (JEOL) 8.8x2mm

P-47 Coated Scintillator (JEOL) 8.8x2mm
P-47 Coated Scintillator (JEOL) 8.8x2mm
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Microscope Model: Microscope Model: JEOL JSMT20, T200, T300, 840 Series, and other models

Diameter (mm): 8.8
Thickness (mm): 2

SPI Supplies P47 scintillators provide outstanding quality for an economical price.

Lasts much longer...with a signal 2 to 4x greater than plastic scintillators! Proprietary glass disc mounting gives the SPI P47 coated scintillators several advantages over plastic styles. SPI P47 scintillators last much longer and produce a significantly higher signal.

Composition: Y2SiO5 Doped with Ce+3

  • 5-10 µm coating thickness
  • Proprietary glass disc mounting
  • Bakeable to 400 °C
  • No aluminum coating required
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Superior coating adhesion
  • Resistant to high electron currents
  • Grain size between 1 and 10 µm
  • Decay time: Less than 80 nanoseconds
  • Emission Color: Blue
  • Maximum Output: 400 nm

We have tried to list the manufacturer's designated dimensions for scintillators installed in their factory manufactured SEMs. If you believe you have some modified scintillator in your SEM, we would strongly suggest checking the dimensions of your own scintillator before placing your order.