Geoscope Pro Stereoscope 4X Kit

Geoscope Pro Stereoscope 4X Kit
Geoscope Pro Stereoscope 4X Kit
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The Geoscope™ Pro is constructed from tough and durable ABS plastic, which is know for its high impact strength and resistance to breaking even when dropped. It has chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses making it suitable for the rigors of not only laboratory and office applications, but also for use out in the field.


  • Materials: Tough, durable ABS plastic for all parts.
  • Mirrors: Surface coated long lasting chrome mirrors give crystal clear images.
  • Magnification: 4X Binocular
  • Eyepiece: 2.75 diopter X 8mm.
  • Field of view: 12.5 degrees.
  • 1.2X Eyepiece: Plano convex lenses. Crown Glass lenses.
  • Size in use: 210mm high, 170mm wide and 590mm long.
  • Size in storage: 350mm long, 170mm wide and 60mm high.
  • Net Weight: 1.6kg (3.3lb)

The stereoscope is used by professionals around the world, not just those working in microscopy, for the analysis of stereo pairs taken in microscopes, but also geologists and other who routinely analyze stereo pairs taken as aerial photographs.

The Geoscope is convenient to use, in part because of its lightweight and compact construction.

 The Geoscope Pro Kit, in addition to the unit itself, also includes:

  • 4X Binocular Eyepiece
  • 1.2X Magnification Eyepiece
  • Parallax Wedge
  • Carry Case
  • Geoscope Mirror Stereoscope
  • Coverage: Covers the entire 60% overlap of aerial photos.
  • Storage: Comes with an ABS plastic container.
  • Parallax wedge: Has 5 scales around edges and allows measurement of irregular shapes and height.
  • 6x magnification binocular eyepieces are available for this system.