Pocket Stereo Viewers, 4X Magnification

Pocket Stereo Viewers, 4X Magnification
Pocket Stereo Viewers, 4X Magnification
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These are two pocket-size stereo viewers available in two different magnifications, and when not in use, fold up into a nicely made cushioned carrying case. For anyone looking at stereo pairs on 4x5" (or smaller) film, this is the ideal way to see the depth information.

The viewers are supported by two metal legs which are unfolded into a standing position. The viewer is then placed over the micrographs, which are spread out on a flat surface, and the two fields, taken at two different angles (to give parallax), are viewed simultaneously through the two lenses, with both eyes. The coated lenses are 32 mm diameter and are adjustable for different interpupillary distances.



  • Magnification: 4x
  • Size (mm): 118x56x82
  • Net Weight: 216 grams

Some experimentation is always needed in order to determine whether, for a particular stereo pair, which field should be viewed to the left and which to the right. Other wise, what would appear to be an elevation will end up appearing as a depression.

Note: One important area outside of microscopy for these small pocket stereo viewers is in the analysis of aerial photographs.