SPI Supplies Brand Faraday Cup for Use with Standards for Microanalysis

SPI Supplies Brand Faraday Cup for Use with Standards for Microanalysis
SPI Supplies Brand Faraday Cup for Use with Standards for Microanalysis
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This item is included as part of all the OTSS line. It is optional in the DYOS line.

This product is being made available by popular demand! We have been asked by many customers over the years, can we not supply just a Faraday Cup? Are you one of those who needs just a Faraday Cup? Take a detailed look at the SPI Faraday Cup. Or are you someone who is not even sure whether you actually need a Faraday Cup, let us fill you in on what you don't know! Made to fit any SEM that takes a one inch standard sized mount, 25 mm diameter x 6 mm high, all stainless steel construction.

Here are some of the most common reasons cited for needing a stand-alone Faraday cage:

  • Faraday Cup that was originally built into my SEM no longer works
  • Faraday Cup built into an already-purchased standard no longer works
  • I made a mistake and purchased a standard without a Faraday Cup
  • I need a Faraday Cup for class teaching applications

A few words for those not familiar with Faraday cups:
We are often asked about "feedthroughs" and prospective customers worry about the need to have the right kind of interfacing for example, to connect a Keithley picoameter. But the beauty of the SPI approach is that there are no feedthroughs! The SPI Faraday Cup is placed in the normal position of any sample in the SEM and any electrical connections go via the already existing built in specimen current circuitry.

We are sometimes also asked to supply detailed specifications (e.g. range, accuracy) of the SPI Faraday Cup. But this questions does not have an unambiguous answer. The current can vary within the full range of currents deliverable by the SEM, from picoamps to microamps. The efficiency is estimated to be about 98% and the accuracy depends on the specifications of the Keithley meter.

Faraday Cups in our standard mounts
Faraday cups are included in all our OTSS series standards, and are optional in the DYOS series. The 25mm diameter mounts, which are 6mm thick, can accomodate the removable style cup. For the thinner (4mm) 12.5mm diameter mounts, like 02752-AB, the fixed style is used.

Maintenance of the Faraday Cup:
The SPI Faraday Cup is extremely easy to maintain and it will perform for many years into the future, outliving the useful lifetimes of the SEMs in which they are used, provided the simple straightforward cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed. Like anything else going into the vacuum of the microscope, cleanliness is everything.