LR Gold Resin for Microscopy and Histology 500 g

LR Gold Resin for Microscopy and Histology 500 g
LR Gold Resin for Microscopy and Histology 500 g
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This acrylic resin facilitates the embedding of unfixed material at low temperatures, enabling high-quality histochemistry and immuno-cytochemistry of fixation-sensitive enzymes and epitopes. It is non-toxic and may be cured with visible light and reveals high-quality morphological details from 1-4 µm sections, providing a faster and lower-cost alternative to frozen sections.

LR Gold can be catalyzed in a number of different ways depending on the choice of catalyst (e.g. color of light to initiate polymerization, temperature, etc.). The resin was specifically formulated to be catalyzed with benzil and it will work very well with blue light and will also polymerize below 1° C, often times needed in order to enhance antigenic preservation for experiments in immunocytochemistry.

It can also be polymerized at sub-zero° C temperatures by the addition of benzoin methyl ether and polymerization with UV light. As this is intrinsically less safe than the blue light/benzil regime and offers no advantages in performance of the resin, this is not the method of choice for LR Gold. For polymerization at room temperature, this can be achieved readily via the addition of benzoyl peroxide. Such a polymerization is exothermic and rapid, with the total time needed for full polymerization on the order of ten minutes.