mPrep System mPrep/ Bench

mPrep System mPrep/ Bench
mPrep System mPrep/ Bench
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The mPrep™ System is a new concept for gaining personnel efficiency, improving quality and reducing cost in microscopy and histology laboratories.

The mPrep/bench™ Model 96S is a unique, silicone rack for holding mPrep/s or mPrep/g capsules. It is most often used to retain fluid within capsules during various stages of processing. Here are some ways it can be used to enhance specimen processing:

1. Holding filled capsules for long treatment protocols. 2. Polymerizing embedding resins in a conventional oven. 3. Microwave processing of specimens or grids. 4. Culturing cells adherent to filmed grids. 5. Convenient bench-top holder for mPrep capsules.

Features of the mPrep/bench™ Model 96S
  • Durable high quality silicone construction
  • Microwave compatible
  • Oven safe to 200C
  • Indexed positions
  • Sterilize with steam, autoclave or boiling water
  • SBS footprint makes this rack robotics friendly