PEAK Brand Wide Stand Microscope 60X

PEAK Brand Wide Stand Microscope 60X
PEAK Brand Wide Stand Microscope 60X
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The PEAK Wide Stand Microscope is a simple measuring microscope designed to be compact and light weight like the normal stand microscopes but is characterized by having a wider field of view. It permits not only a highly magnified view of the fine pattern of a sample or object, but can also be used to measure length and compare dimensions by using a scale included in the eye piece. 

Focusing is accomplished using a helicoid and a pen light illuminator that comes standard with the system.

The PEAK Wide Stand Microscope will be useful not only for general use but also for quality control such as precision machining operations.


  • 02294-AB: With No. 74 Scale
  • Magnification: 60X
  • Field of View: 2.4mm
  • Min. Scale Size: 0.02mm
  • Measuring Range: 2.00mm
  • Working Distance: 10.8mm
  • Total Weight: 309g
  • Numerical Appearance(NA): 0.15"


Construction of the Optics System:

The optical system consists of an objective and an eye-piece. The lens surface is coated so bright and high contrast images can be obtained. The magnification of the eye-piece is 10X, and a scale is provided on its focal plane. The lens closest to the eye in the eye-piece system is movable by turning an adjuster ring, which allows one to bring the scale to focus in accordance with the dioptic power of the user.

There are four different scales, depending on the magnification of the objectives. The overall magnification of the optics system is equal to the magnification of the objective multiplied by that of the eye-piece: 20X, 40X, 60X, 100X, 200X and 300x.

Construction of the Microscope Base:

The body of the PEAK Wide Stand Microscope consists of a tube to support the optics system, a base to hold the tube and a penlight to be mounted on the base to provide the illumination. An objective is screwed on at the bottom end of the tube, and an eye-piece is inserted to the top end. The length between the two ends (mechanical tube length) is 120 mm. The distance from threading to object (mechanical focal length) is 36.6 mm for 4X, 6X, 10X, 20X and 30X objectives, while that for the 2X objective is 53.9 mm. Note: The eye piece can be completely removed from the microscope.

The base is to support the tube inserted from above, and to move it vertically with a rotating ring of helicoid for focusing. A round hole is provided at the bottom of the base and the state and position of the object can be checked through a notch at the side. A pen light can be mounted on the base with a special holder to illuminate the object.