DuraSharp Shears for Cutting DuraSeal Laboratory Sealing Film

DuraSharp Shears for Cutting DuraSeal Laboratory Sealing Film
DuraSharp Shears for Cutting DuraSeal Laboratory Sealing Film
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DuraSharp Shears for Cutting DuraSeal™ Laboratory Sealing Film.

DuraSeal™ is a new, durable heat and solvent-resistant stretch film that claims substantial advantages over common laboratory stretch films. Its superior heat-resistant feature allows for containers to be incubated in boiling water baths without suffering the characteristic "melting" of paraffin-based alternatives. Because DuraSeal™ is polyethylene based and free of any adhesives, it resists essentially all organic solvents and caustic agents, e. g. aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated solvents as well as strong acids and bases. The film is 0.0015" (0.04 mm) thick and can be elongated 500-800% before breakage, minimizing the incidence of film tearing during stretch sealing. DuraSeal is easy to use. There is no interleaf paper to strip away. Just stretch the film symmetrically over a container opening and the film contracts inwardly around the opening or neck of the container to provide a drum tight water proof stretch seal. The film clings to itself, especially after stretching. The free edges of the film may be stretched around the container to secure the edges. 

Cutting of DuraSeal laboratory sealing film:
A special cutting scissors is available, which we highly recommend for the cutting of DuraSeal. 

Direct comparison of DuraSeal vs. Parafilm®:

DuraSeal            Parafilm
Softens above 100°C            Softens above about 68°C
Resists essentially all solvents

           Dissolves in carbon tetrachloride,
chloroform, phenol, benzene, hexane, etc.
Compatible with solution microwaving            Not compatible with solution microwaving
Resists breakage            More susceptible to breaking and tearing
Transparent            Translucent only
No interleaf paper            Interleaf paper must be removed

Permeability Information:
Oxygen: 125cc/100in2/24 hrs at 23°C
Carbon Dioxide: 1300cc/100in2/24 hrs at 23°C
Water Vapor: 1.0g/100in2/24 hrs at 38°C and 90% R.H.