Secador 4.0 Vertical Cabinet, Amber (F42074-1008)

Secador 4.0 Vertical Cabinet, Amber (F42074-1008)
Secador 4.0 Vertical Cabinet, Amber (F42074-1008)
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These cabinets have all of the specifications of the automatic models except they do not have the automatic regeneration of the desiccant feature. From our own experience using these cabinets in our own laboratory operation, it would seem that for normal laboratory use, that is, where the door is being rather regularly opened and closed, the automatic model would be recommended. But if the cabinets are essentially for the long term storage of either samples, or components or other items sensitive to moisture, then quite probably the manual model will be just fine. And you will save some money as well.

Secador 4.0 Vertical Cabinet, Amber F42074-1008


Of course, if you are using the cabinets strictly for dust control, and you are going to be using them as a dust free storage area, the manual version will do just fine as well.

Like the automatic model, the manual model also has three perforated shelves, all movable and removable. Desiccant cartridges or capsules may be placed on or underneath the shelves. The door is hinged at the left side and has two latches on the right.

Available desiccants:
SPI Supplies offers a full range of desiccants, such as the SPI Desiccant Capsules and the SPI Desiccating Canisters.

Door opening:
22.5 cm wide and 41.7 cm high (8.9" and 16.4").

Overall dimensions:
34.1 cm wide x 51.8 cm high x 41.3 cm deep (13.4x20.4x16.3")

Internal volume:
53.846 liters (3,286 cubic inches) (1.9 cubic feet)