Secador Techni-Dome 360 Large Vacuum Desiccator (Available While Supplies Last)

Secador Techni-Dome 360 Large Vacuum Desiccator (Available While Supplies Last)
Secador Techni-Dome 360 Large Vacuum Desiccator (Available While Supplies Last)
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This is the largest domed desiccator of its kind. This design offers up to four times more volume, 65 liters (4000 cu. In.) than most other large benchtop vacuum desiccators. When the two half spheres are put together a sphere results that is 19.5" (49.5 cm) diameter. The polypropylene stopcock has a PTFE plug that turns easily to allow a slow, turbulence free entrance of air which minimizes disturbance of contents. The stopcock has a high visibility red handle and accepts 1/4" to 3/8” I.D. tubing.

Large sample storage:
Individual items up to 45 cm (18") tall or wide including racks, trays and instruments can be stored in the Secador® Techni-Dome® 360 Vacuum Desiccator. This volume represents far more storage in a single chamber than traditional plastic or glass vacuum desiccator units. Includes two removable polypropylene shelves; 36.5cm(14.5”) and 22.5cm (9”)

High optical clarity:
All contents can be easily viewed through the desiccator's clear polycarbonate top and bottom. This laboratory grade plastic material is resistant to most common chemicals and cleans easily, although one must use caution when using high solvency solvents which could result in stress crazing of the polycarbonate plastic.

The weight of the Secador® Techni-Dome®360 Vacuum Desiccator is approximately 5 kg (11lbs) and the desiccator can be easily carried by its side handles. These handles interconnect to prevent displacement of the dome top when not under vacuum and also provide for the ability to lock the desiccator or for the placement of tamper evident seals. A molded-in ring allows the dome top to rest safely, inverted on the lab bench, when removed. Safety locator pins prevent the top half from slipping off the bottom half when raising one side of the lid to add or remove samples.

Vacuum durability:
These high strength desiccators will hold a full vacuum (29" Hg, 737mm) at room temperature for 24 hours and remain airtight even if not under vacuum. A Neoprene® gasket with an application of Apiezon® M vacuum grease for room temperature applications is our recommendation.
For applications below room 10 °C, but not below 7°C, we would recommend instead Braycote® Micronic® 803 high vacuum grease. We do not at the present time recommend applications below 7°C because of an unpredictability of the Neoprene sealing gasket.

Non-vacuum applications:
The Secador® Techni-Dome® 360 Vacuum Desiccator can find many applications where a vacuum is not required. A desiccant drying material, such as the SPI #02052-AB SPI-Dry™ Basic Desiccating Canisters can be used for non-vacuum applications.