SPI-Pore Ag Membrane Filter Large Sheet 15x15" (381 x 381 mm)

SPI-Pore Ag Membrane Filter Large Sheet 15x15" (381 x 381 mm)
SPI-Pore Ag Membrane Filter Large Sheet 15x15" (381 x 381 mm)
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Pore size: 3.0 µm

Chemical formula: Ag
CAS #: 7440-22-4

The SPI-Pore Silver Membrane Filtration media is now available in large sheets, 18"x18" (457x457 mm) but with guaranteed useable area of 15" x 15" (381x381 mm) square. The sheets will be free of pin-holes but will sometimes exhibit some discoloration (but which won't interfere with the performance of the media). The product in this form is for those who are constructing custom geometries and who could do the cutting and conversion more economically themselves, in their own facilities, than for us to be doing it for them.

The membrane is shipped surrounded by plastic to protect the membrane and to add strength and durability for handling.

How to cut the silver membrane filtration media:
The silver media is actually quite easy to cut, either with a good scissors, "Exaco" knife, paper cutter, or just a new razor blade. We use a punch and die set to make the disc filters.

Blemishes and imperfections:
We try to supply the best quality and cleanest possible membrane sheet. However, there are blemishes that can occasionally occur on the sheets during the manufacturing process. These are strictly cosmetic in nature and would not be the cause for rejection of a sheet.

Pencil marks (dark circles) are applied during quality control. The sheets are viewed on a light box and cosmetic imperfections and pinholes are circled.

Storage and shelf life:
So far as we know, there is no shelf life for the silver membrane. However, we also know that oxides and other extraneous compounds can form with time depending on the environment in which the silver membranes are stored. Such silver compounds which may form on the surface are primarily cosmetic in nature and do not affect the pore structure or membrane filtration performance. Since nothing is forever, we have put an expiration date of five years onto the SPI Pore Silver Membrane Sheets.

Pore size availability:
Presently, the large sheets are available only in pore sizes of 0.8g 1.2, 3, and 5

Membrane size:
15" x 15 " (381 x 381 mm) square