WENOL Metal Polish, 100 ml Tube

WENOL Metal Polish, 100 ml Tube
WENOL Metal Polish, 100 ml Tube
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100 ml tube of Wenol® Metal Polish

Primary applications:

For many years, Wenol has been the main metal polish product used in laboratory settings. Polishing residues were easily removed and that characteristic made Wenol the preferred product for use with high vacuum systems, including the cleaning of delicate parts of electron microscopes and other electron and ion beam instruments. Wenol is a petroleum-based paste and contains no silicones. Except for the packaging, Wenol Metal Polish is exactly the same as POL Metal Polish, which is no longer available.

In addition to its use on surfaces to be exposed to high vacuum, Wenol is also used in a wide range of other applications, such as a stove cleaner and also, for the stainless steel surfaces in commercial kitchens. Actually, it is an outstanding metal polish for stainless steel sinks in residential settings. It is also excellent on chrome plated surfaces. Hard as it might be to believe, Wenol has found to be indispensable in the maintenance of concern pianos!

While we recognize Wenol as being an outstanding metal polish, some of our customers have expressed a preference for PIKAL® metal paste. We have found the PIKAL polish to be a bit more easy to remove from surfaces, especially those going into UHV environments. The grain size of the abrasive particles is a bit smaller and seems to be a bit more gentle to a delicate surface.

Removal of Wenol residues:

Getting the very last molecular layers off of a freshly polished surface is not always easy, complicated in part because the measurement of such residues, if indeed present, are so difficult and costly to actually measure. Although there are those who would use acetone or some other (dangerous to one's health) organic solvent to remove any last residues, we recommend the use of Asahiklin® AK-225 Light Duty Degreaser. This degreaser is just as effective as the best organic solvent for the removal of Wenol but it is far less toxic to the person doing the cleaning such any vapors be inhaled.