Gold is a non-renewable resource and SPI Supplies believes strongly that we all have an obligation to encourage the recycling of non-renewable resources and also, to engage in recycling in those instances where the energy requirements to produce a new product from recycled material is far more economical than making the same things from fresh material.  

Just send us the remains from your spent cathode and you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of your next identical cathode from SPI Supplies.

If you have accumulated an excess of gold cathodes and would like to make them a part of our recycling program, then you can in essence send them to us and we will establish some kind of credit on the basis of metal value received.

Taking advantage of the recycling program:
You will need to complete our customer support form to receive an RA # from SPI Supplies before returning any spent cathodes as part of this program. Then, when you hear back from SPI, you will also be receiving instructions for the return of the used cathode(s). For shipments originating from outside the USA, it is extremely important that these instructions be followed exactly, because if customs duties are assessed on the film backs coming into the USA, such charges will be for the account of the customer, not for SPI Supplies.