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This handy 1" (25.4 mm) diameter x 7.5 mm high mount was designed for the microscopist who may not always have the time to check an instrument's performance using conventional standards for microanalysis. The product comes in several versions, the X-Checker™ and the X-Checker Extra™ and Wafer X-Checker (200 mm and 300 mme sizes). With these literally "all-in-one" mounts, the analyst can quickly check:

Characteristic of the X-Checker and X-Checker Extra:
  1. Spectrum calibration with aluminum and copper.
  2. Low energy spectrum calibration with carbon and aluminum.
  3. Manganese full-width at half-max resolution measurement.
  4. Low energy sensitivity test for monitoring contamination on detector window.
  5. Two nickel grid sizes (high and low magnification) for checking image processing software and magnification calibration.
  6. Backscattered electron detector performance
None available