Material Science Diamond Knives
Material Science Diamond Knives
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Material Science Diamond Knives

SPI Supplies offers the electron microscopist and ultramicrotomist the ultimate in Materials Science Diamond Knives.

SPI Materials Science Diamond Knives can be used for sectioning such hard materials like bone, cartilage and teeth.

What's so special about the SPI Supplies Materials Science Diamond Knives?

SPI Supplies does not try to remove the last striations from the edge of the knife. Typical questions: Are there a lot of striations? No, not very many. The exact number of striations might vary from knife to knife and we can not make any guarantee as to how many you will find on your knife. These striations are so fine, that with the first cut of the typical materials science sample, deeper striations are produced than the original striations we are talking about removing! So why worry about them? And why not start saving money now?

The Knife with the Edge:

SPI Supplies Materials Science Diamond knives give you the quality you need at a price that is lower- up to 35% lower- than life science diamond knives. Each SPI Knife is shipped with a diagram of the diamond edge...and no knife is shipped unless it meets our high quality standards for materials sample sectioning.

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