Cryogenic Liquid Handling Gloves
Cryogenic Liquid Handling Gloves
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Cryogenic Liquid Handling Gloves

Introduction to Cryo Gloves®:

Cryo-Gloves are multi layer insulated gloves designed to provide protection to the hands and arms from the hazards encountered when working with ultra cold. They are light weight, flexible, durable, clean, allow for excellent dexterity, are very comfortable to wear for extended periods, and are extremely warm.

The Cryo-Gloves® line of gloves for cryogenic applications are manufactured in three configurations: Standard Water Repellent, 100% Waterproof and Industrial Quality. The first three configurations are recommended for use with liquid nitrogen. The Standard Water Repellent can be used where the protection is to be mainly against cold as opposed to protection against quantities of splashing liquid, in which case, the 100% Waterproof version should be used. The Industrial Quality configuration adds the protection of abrasion resistance and better gripping properties. Under no circumstances, however, should any of these three liquid nitrogen gloves be used with liquid oxygen. None of these gloves are designed to offer protection against immersion in cryogenic liquids. All of these gloves are designed to provide protection against the hazards of extreme cold, but even the Industrial version has limited abrasion resistance. These gloves should not be confused with work gloves designed for heavy wear.

Note that all types of these gloves were developed to offer protection from ultra cold, in temperatures ranging from -160°C to +148°C. They are currently being used worldwide for use with cryogenic gases, low temperature freezers, dry ice, cold rooms, etc. You will find the Cryo-Gloves being used in biomedical, laboratory research, industry, aerospace, frozen food processing, and wherever protection from the hazards of ultra-cold is necessary. One should never attempt the transferal of liquid nitrogen from a liquid nitrogen dewar without the use of this kind of hand protection.

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