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Apiezon Wax W, CAS #64741-56-6
Apiezon Wax W, CAS #64741-56-6
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Apiezon Wax W, CAS #64741-56-6

Size Options for Apiezon Wax W, CAS #64741-56-6
Size 1 kg Block
Item Number 05121B-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $115.63
Size Pack of 25 20 g
Item Number 05121A-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $137.23

Apiezon Wax W can be used either as a vacuum sealing compound or as a mounting wax. For work with high vacuum and UHV, it would be better to use Vacseal® Vacuum Leak Sealant.

There are a series of three different Apiezon Wax products, differing in their "hardness". Be sure to be familiar with the differences in the characteristics of the different waxes.

CAS #: 64741-56-6