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SPI Supplies Brand PTFE Crucible
SPI Supplies Brand PTFE Crucible
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SPI Supplies Brand PTFE Crucible

Size Options for SPI Supplies Brand PTFE Crucible
Size 75 ml
Item Number 01967-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $30.93
Size 25 ml
Item Number 01966-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $21.73
Size 5 ml
Item Number 01965-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $14.01
Size 100 ml
Item Number 01849-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $40.21

All SPI Supplies Brand PTFE crucibles are chemically inert, non- contaminating, and are thermally stable in the range of -200°C (390°F) to + 280°C (+536°F). The crucibles have a "super smooth" finish making it virtually impossible for anything to "stick" to the surface of these fine laboratory products, making them very easy to clean up for reuse, for example, in another digestion. And for low temperature digestions, these crucibles are far more economical to use than those made from platinum.

Details of the manufacturing:
The SPI Supplies Brand PTFE crucibles are isostatically molded from pure virgin PTFE resulting in a highly inert material, one that will stand up to nearly every way one might want to use it. The super smooth finish means that virtually nothing will really stick to the covers.

Cautions about over heating:
PTFE beakers can not be taken to temperatures as high as platinum or other materials. The user has to be sure they do not overheat PTFE beakers or their covers. If PTFE is overheated, especially in air, it can start to break down by both thermal decomposition and oxidation, resulting in fumes of HF which should not be inhaled under any circumstances. But for many customers, those who are doing low temperature digestions, the extremely low extractables coupled with the ease of clean up after use and the substantial cost savings (over platinum), these crucibles could be quite attractive.