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BEEM BlockGrip#00 Holder-12
BEEM BlockGrip#00 Holder-12
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BEEM BlockGrip#00 Holder-12

Item Number 02048-AB
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Price  $4.77

Four different holders are available and they can be used either with or without the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applied to the back. They employ a unique design invented by the people at BEEM that permits the individual plastic "blocks" to literally "snap" into the various cavities, holding them firmly in place, and preventing them from contacting other blocks and causing damage to the faced-off-surface. Holders are available for Size #00 blocks (from Size #00 capsules), Size #3 blocks (from Size #3 capsules), and for 20 flat blocks. Plastic boxes have clear tops with black bottoms.