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Stereo Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes

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Stereo Microscopes

The Series 3 Stereo Zoom Microscope features a sturdy trinocular head capable of handling a digital, video or a small film camera with an adapter that can be inserted into the camera tube of the microscope. The Pixera® digital cameras are an excellent choice for image recording from this microscope. Its high quality, yet low cost, make it idea for laboratory, science classroom, forensic and other inspection applications. Another option is to purchase with the microscope the SPI Supplies® Brand Eye Piece Camera, the perfect solution for school and classroom use. At this price, the entire class can have a microscope with their own digital camera.


Dual illumination is from two different positions, one substage (below) and the other, a ring light from above e.g. epi illumination. Both are LED (light emitting diode) type, which are the most desirable because of their much longer life (e.g. "statistically" 50,000 hours) than conventional halogen bulbs or even conventional fluorescent ring lights. If you think about it, 50,000 hours represents a source continuously operating without rest for 5+ years! We do list a replacement LED source, but it is listed more for psychological reasons than any real concern that one would have to replace the source any time soon.

It is unusual to find such high technology illumination in such a low cost stereo zoom microscope. We also are finding that for student or field use, the LED sources are more robust than halogen or fluorescent illumination sources. Teachers like the idea that they are freed from the burden of having to regularly replace light sources in their student used microscopes. These benefits are consistent with our philosophy of delivering to our customers the very highest quality and technology for the very lowest price.

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