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SPI Supplies Slide-A-Grid / Twist-A-Grid
SPI Supplies Slide-A-Grid / Twist-A-Grid

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SPI Supplies Slide-A-Grid / Twist-A-Grid

Our experienced in-house TEM operators and grid makers won't touch any other grid boxes except these two boxes that carry the SPI Supplies name! Use the SPI Slide-A-Grid™ box for up to 100 grids and the new SPI Twist-A-Grid™ box for up to 50 individual grids. Note that the new Twist-A-Grid box, for the first time, is designed for stacked storage. Both boxes are available numbered or unnumbered.

These two SPI Supplies Brand TEM grid storage boxes are our most often asked for grid storage boxes. The original box was known worldwide as the SPI Slide-A-Grid Storage Box and the new Twist-A-Grid TEM grid storage boxes is being widely accepted an improvement in design because of the stability feature. Each box holds either 100 or 50 3.05 mm TEM grids in a combination of number/letter coded compartments. Each box is accompanied by a record card for the convenient logging and indexing of your stored (or waiting-to-be-looked-at grids). So far as we know, this box is compatible with virtually all 3.05 mm (e.g. nominally 3 mm) TEM grids, including the unique SPI Silicon Nitride Membrane Window Grids.