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Premium GUST Duster
Premium GUST Duster
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Premium GUST Duster

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Quantity 1 Can
Item Number 07600-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $19.60
Quantity Case of 12
Item Number 07600-BC
Availability In Stock
Price  $176.50
Premium GUST Easy Duster
  • 15 oz can
  • Variable pressure up to 80 psi
  • 100% pure tetrafluoroethane
  • Filtered to 0.2 micrometers

The Premium GUST Easy Duster, quickly blows dust, dirt, and lint from your samples and sample preparation equipment. For use in critical applications in the laboratory, GUST's unique variable pressure trigger lets you control the dusting pressure, up to 80 psi. GUST contains 100% pure tetrafluoroethane, a non-flammable, non-ozone depleting propellant that is moisture-free and filtered to 0.2 micrometers. Use GUST to precisely clean energized instruments and sensitive instrumentation. GUST can also be used to clean and repair energized keyboards, printers, computers, copiers, faxes, phones, and other energized equipment. GUST Easy Duster is our suggested replacement for SPI Supplies Easy Duster (07605-AB) which has been discontinued.