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Castrol Fluoroclean HE Non-Flammable Solvent and Grease Remover
Castrol Fluoroclean HE Non-Flammable Solvent and Grease Remover
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Castrol Fluoroclean HE Non-Flammable Solvent and Grease Remover

Available While Supplies Last!
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Volume 14 lb
Item Number 05118-AB

Available while supplies last.

Castrol® Fluoroclean™ HE is a high performance, environmentally friendly, non-flammable solvent. It is chemically inert, non-flammable, and very low in toxicity, and compatible with most metals, plastics, and elastomers. Castrol manufactures two perfluorinated solvents: Castrol® Fluoroclean™ X100 is recommended for use in grease plating applications and Castrol® Fluoroclean™ HE is recommended for use in cleaning perfluorinated oils and greases from surfaces.

More on Fluoroclean™ HE vs. Fluoroclean™ X100:

We have spent considerable time studying the technical information describing these two products to try to understand how they are different. If our customers have difficulties understanding the differences, they should not feel badly about it because what differences do exist are indeed tiny. Most customers find the two to be plug-in compatible with each other. So the next question is, why maintain the cost and overhead associated with the offering of two instead of just one product? We found the answer somewhat of a surprise: Apparently, there is from time to time, a scarcity of some of the raw materials that go into the production of these two products. Since the two products are made from different starting materials, there are indeed times when one of the products is not available but the other one is.

A careful review of the data sheets will show some minor differences in volatility, and Fluoroclean HE and X100 do have slightly different chemical structures, but these differences are not so much a matter of good vs. not so good, but just that they are slightly different. Both products are used as solvents for the removal of Braycote greases.

Another difference is that Fluoroclean X100 is tested for residue levels with a limit of 1 ppm maximum. It does not necessarily mean that it leaves less residue than the Fluoroclean HE after volatilizing, just that it is tested. But because of this testing, Fluoroclean X100 is normally recommended for grease plating and other highly critical applications.


Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE is designed for use as a substitute for Freon® 113 (CFC-113) in the cleaning of perfluorinated lubricants and other halogenated lubricants including Castrol Braycote® 600EF, 601EF, 602EF, 603EF, 631, 631A, 640, 640AC, 802, 802RP, 803, 803RP, 803EP, 804, 805, 806, 806RP, 807, 807RP, 812, 815Z, 1613, 1616, 1624, 1625, 1632, 1636, 1721, 1722, 1723, 1724, 1728, 1729, Castrol Endurex® 1000 and 3100, and Castrol Microcote™ GS, LVP and 296.


Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE is not an effective solvent for mineral oil or silicone oil based lubricants.


Castrol Fluoroclean™ HE is available in 3.5 lb., 14 lb. (one gallon) amber glass containers. Larger package sizes are available upon request.

Typical properties:

A detailed comparison between CFC-113 and Fluoroclean™ HE is available.

Note that CFC-113 is listed for comparison purposes only and has not in the past nor is it now a product of Castrol.