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Crystalbond 509-S Stripper
Crystalbond 509-S Stripper
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Crystalbond 509-S Stripper

Size Options for Crystalbond 509-S Stripper
Size 1 Gallon
Item Number 05109-AB
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Price  $235.30
Size 1 Quart
Item Number 05108-AB
Availability Contact for Availability
Price  $112.22

Crystalbond™ 509-S Stripper is a high-performance, environmentally-safe, chemical cleaning agent developed specifically for removing Crystalbond™ 509 and other tenacious polymer coatings and inorganic particulates. It features a very low evaporation rate, it rinses off easily with water, it is non-flammable, non-reactive with metals, and it is also biodegradable.



These cleaning agents work best in ultrasonic systems at 50-60°C. The evaporation rate is much slower than acetone, so a good lifecycle will be achieved in comparison. As adhesive residue begins to concentrate in the stripper, 20% of the stripper should be replaced with fresh material. But the most attractive part about the use of the stripper, relative to acetone, is that one need not be exposed to potentially harmful (acetone) vapors.

After removing the adhesive, a stepwise, warm-rinsing process is recommended. Rinse in a dilute, nonionic surfactant or liquid detergent system, followed by a final rinse in de-ionized water to eliminate water spots due to hard salts and contaminant redeposition.

The stripper is nonionic and non-reactive with metals, however, it can attack many types of polymers and plastics such as elastomers and rubbers. Be sure to employ a suitable test before exposing valuable parts to the product. We cannot guarantee any parts from damage when exposed to this product.

Storage conditions: Room temperature
Also, isolate from incompatibles such as corrosives, oxidizers, or strong reducing agents.