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Surgical Blades Contour #10
Surgical Blades Contour #10
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Surgical Blades Contour #10

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Quantity Pack of 10
Item Number 05034-AB
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1 to 9 $9.18
10 and up $8.26
Quantity Pack of 100
Item Number 05034-MB
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1 to 9 $36.72
10 and up $33.05

SPI Supplies offers three different "types" of surgical blades. The one thing they all have in common is their high quality. They are fabricated from the finest surgical stainless steel, which also means, among other things that it is also of the highest "hardness". This is important because the harder the steel, the smaller the radius of curvature that can be made at the sharpened (e.g. cutting) edge of the blade. And the smaller the radius of curvature, the less the distortion, something quite important when cutting out important tissue samples.

Contour Blades (#10) - Package of 10