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Silver Conductive Paint
Silver Conductive Paint
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Silver Conductive Paint

with brush applicator cap

Size Options for Silver Conductive Paint
Size 0.5 Troy oz.
Item Number 05001-AB
Availability In Stock
Quantity Price/EA
1 to 9 $47.34
10 and up $42.61
Size 1 Troy oz.
Item Number 05002-AB
Availability In Stock
Quantity Price/EA
1 to 9 $73.82
10 and up $66.44
Size 60ml -90g
Item Number 05002-GA
Availability In Stock
Quantity Price/EACH
1 to 9 $221.75
10 and up $199.58

Biggest selling silver paint in the world!

  • High percent of silver solids
  • Dries uniformly.
  • Quality and convenience all in one!
  • Features our handy brush-in-cap applicator.
  • Also available in bulk quantities for other applications

Use Silver Conductive Paint for affixing samples to specimen mounts, or for attaching specimens in the microprobe and tilting stages of transmission electron microscopes (TEMs).

Silver Conductive Paint is formulated with a small amount of a special polymer to give the product extra adhesive characteristics, but without degrading the otherwise outstanding out-gassing characteristics. Read on for even more useful application information in other fields. We also can report a considerable amount of data on the physical and mechanical properties of the cured silver films that result from the use of Silver Conductive Paint.

Larger sizes available