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Flash-Dry Silver Conductive Paint
Flash-Dry Silver Conductive Paint
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Flash-Dry Silver Conductive Paint

with brush applicator cap

Size Options for Flash-Dry Silver Conductive Paint
Size 0.5 Troy oz.
Item Number 04998-AB
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1 to 9 $95.85
10 and up $86.27
Size 1 Troy oz.
Item Number 04999-AB
Availability In Stock
Quantity Price/EA
1 to 9 $154.50
10 and up $139.05


Silver Metal Properties

Chemical Symbol: Ag
CAS #: 7440-22-4
Atomic Number: 47
Atomic Weight: 107.8682
Color: Silver

Silver Melting Point: 961.78°C (1763.2°F)
Unsurpassed in conductivity, this Flash-Dry Silver Conductive Paint dries faster than our other silver paints and  allows the same speedy bonding at room temperature with little or no "wicking". This product is often times used for mounting large, delicate CPD samples.

Use at elevated temperatures:
Although silver does not melt until 961.78°C (1763.2°F), from a practical standpoint, its maximum use temperature is significantly below this temperature. For one thing, the silver surfaces starts to oxidize and nitride, as well as silver's well known ability to start to form tarnish (usually a sulfide). Conventional wisdom might suggest heating in a vacuum however, at round 600°C, the sublimation rate of silver in a vacuum becomes so appreciable, that it could end up causing damage to one's equipment. If you are faced with this problem, we recommend consideration of our Platinum Conductive Paint.

If the SPI Flash-Dry Silver Paint paint dries out, unlike some other silver paints, it can be re-suspended with the addition of SPI # 04996 Thinner for SPI Flash-Dry Silver Paint followed by an ultrasonic bath treatment.