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SPI-Chem Aminopropyltriethoxy Silane (APTES)
SPI-Chem Aminopropyltriethoxy Silane (APTES)
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SPI-Chem Aminopropyltriethoxy Silane (APTES)

Volume Options for SPI-Chem Aminopropyltriethoxy Silane (APTES)
Volume 100 g
Item Number 02820-MB
Availability In Stock
Price  $50.65
Volume 30 ml
Item Number 02820-DA
Availability In Stock
Price  $16.00
Chemical Formula:C9H23NO3Si
Formula Weight:221.37
EC #:612-108-00-0
RTECS #:TX2100000
Color:Clear to straw
Boiling Point: 213-216° C / 415-421° F
Melting Point:Not available
Hazardous Shipping:UN3267 Corrosive Liquid, Basic Organic, N.O.S. Hazard Class 8 Packing Group III

Aminopropyltriethoxy Silane (APTES) is a highly effective silane coupling agent that is used on both glass, mica and a host of other substrates to enhance adhesion. It is the treatment of choice for those wanting to encourage adhesion of cells, self-assembled arrays, and other features on the nano scale destined for study by AFM or other nano-microsocopic methods.