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SPI-Chem Propylene Oxide CAS #75-56-9
SPI-Chem Propylene Oxide CAS #75-56-9
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SPI-Chem Propylene Oxide CAS #75-56-9

Size Options for SPI-Chem Propylene Oxide CAS #75-56-9
Size 250 ml
Item Number 02524-NA
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Price  $38.78
Size 500 ml
Item Number 02524-AB
Availability Contact for Availability
Price  $76.30
Size 30 ml
Item Number 02524-AA
Availability In Stock
Price  $15.00
Chemical Formula:CH3CHCH2O
Formula Weight:58.04
Apperance:Not available
Color:Not available
Odor:Not available
Boiling Point:34° C / 93.2° F
Melting Point:-112° C / -169° F
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):0.831
Flash Point:-37° / -34.6° F
Refractive Index:1.366-1.368

Shipping Information

UN #:1280
Proper Shipping Name:Flammable liquid, Propylene Oxide
Hazard Class:3
Packing Group:I

Propylene oxide is a well known extender and diluent for a number of different epoxy resin formula agent is used, propylene oxide can be used to displace it so that the now infiltrated sample with propylene with the appropriate epoxy resin system and cured.