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Victawet 12 Surface Release Agent, 500g
Victawet 12 Surface Release Agent, 500g
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Victawet 12 Surface Release Agent, 500g

Volume Options for Victawet 12 Surface Release Agent, 500g
Volume 500 g
Item Number 02473-RA
Availability In Stock
Price  $75.10
Volume 45 Pound Pail
Item Number 02473-AB
Availability Contact for Availability
Price  $1,060.26
Chemical Formula:Na<2/sub>(RO)2P2O6
CAS#:Not available
Formula Weight:Not available
RTECS#:Not available
Color:Slight haze
Color APHA:500 max.
Odor:Not available
Boiling Point:Not available
Melting Point:Not available F
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1):1.110-1.123
pH:7.0-7.4 (0.5% solution)
Acid Number:0.1 max mgkOH/g
Surface Tension:29.4 dynes/cm2
Solubility:Dispersible in water (forms milky solution) soluble in alcohol, acetone, toluene, insoluble in naphta.
Stability:Victawet 12 is effective in both acid and alkaline solutions. It is dispersible in 5% sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Victawet 12 is a low-foaming non ionic phosphate wetting agent. It is used as an emulsifier, pigment dispersant, wetting agent, low foaming detergent, and as an anti-wear agent in aqueous fluid systems.