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SPI-Chem Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Chips, 3-6mm
SPI-Chem Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Chips, 3-6mm
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SPI-Chem Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Chips, 3-6mm

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Chemical Formula: SiO
CAS#: 10097-28-6
Molecular Weight: 44.07
Purity: 99.99%

SPI-Chem™ Silicon Monoxide Chips are used for making various thin films and replicas at relatively low vacuum evaporation temperatures. This is especially important for heat-sensitive samples.


Applications in electron microscopy:
As a support film for transmission electron microscopy (TEM), the resulting films are more robust in the beam and are also more flexible, and therefore are less prone to tearing and otherwise failing in the presence of the electron beam. Such filmed grids are desired by those doing analyses by EDS for carbon.

And for those not wanting necessarily to gear up to make their own SiO/SiO2 (SiOx) supported grids, the simple solution is to purchase what you need ready-made from SPI Supplies.

Applications involving the removal of residual organics:
Many times it becomes desirable to remove unwanted carbonaceous material in order to remove the source of the Bremsstrahlung, thereby increasing the sensitivity of EDS data. In other instances, the removal of organics permits the better observation of different phases present in a sample.