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SPI Supplies Brand 100% Silver Wire 8 mil (0.20 mm)
SPI Supplies Brand 100% Silver Wire 8 mil (0.20 mm)
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SPI Supplies Brand 100% Silver Wire 8 mil (0.20 mm)

Size Options for SPI Supplies Brand 100% Silver Wire 8 mil (0.20 mm)
Size 2 Feet (61 cm)
Item Number 01705-AC
Availability In Stock
Price  $7.75
Size 10 Feet (305 cm
Item Number 01705-BA
Availability In Stock
Price  $24.23
Size 50 Feet (1524 c
Item Number 01705-FA
Availability In Stock
Price  $106.59
Size 100Ft (3048cm)
Item Number 01705-MB
Availability In Stock
Price  $213.18

SPI Supplies® Brand 100% Silver Wire 8 mil (0.20 mm):

SPI Supplies offers high purity 8 mil wires of the following precious metals: gold, platinum, palladium, gold/platinum, platinum iridium and silver. All are 8 mil (0.20 mm) diameter wires and are "electron microscope grade" for all SEM and TEM applications. Purity is generally the highest available commercially. In times of wildly fluctuating precious metals prices, email spi3spi@2spi.com for current pricing. Under normal circumstances, the prices that are listed are also current. 

Cutting the wire:
Use of a razor blade or other typical cutting instrument tends to "flatten" the cut end of soft precious metal wires, leaving the cut cross-section looking more like an ellipse than a circle. If this is a problem, then we suggest the use of the SPI Snip-It™ Precision Cutting Tool. 

Evaporating the wire:
For typical electron microscope laboratory applications, the wire can be evaporated readily via tungsten baskets or in the case of platinum, also from carbon or graphite rods. 

Scanning probe tips:
For some appplications, the platinum/iridium wire is the preferred tip material, in 0.008" (0.20 mm) diameter.