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Barrier Cream 222 Protectant
Barrier Cream 222 Protectant
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Barrier Cream 222 Protectant

Size Options for Barrier Cream 222 Protectant
Size Case of 24 Tube
Item Number 01385-CE
Availability Contact for Availability
Price  $113.01
Size 1 - 4 oz tube
Item Number 01385-AB
Availability In Stock
Price  $8.71

This Barrier Cream 222® with silicone protects your skin from many of the irritating industrial substances most likely to be found in a microscopy laboratory or photographic darkroom environment. The silicone helps prevent grease and oil from discoloring and staining hands. However, while the cream might still be useful protection, it was never intended for full protection against harsh acids, alkalis or toxic substances and certainly no protection can be expected from such common EM lab chemicals such as osmium tetroxide and glutaraldehyde.

Package size: 4 ounce/112 grams tube.