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Aloconox Tergajet Laboratory Detergent Powder
Aloconox Tergajet Laboratory Detergent Powder
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Aloconox Tergajet Laboratory Detergent Powder

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Quantity 4 lbs (1.81 kg)
Item Number 01135-AB
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Price  $46.37
Quantity 25 lb
Item Number 01135A-AB
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Price  $288.77
Quantity 50 lb
Item Number 01135B-AB
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Price  $538.43
Quantity Case of 9 x 4 l
Item Number 01135-AE
Availability In Stock
Price  $346.32

Tergajet® Low Foaming Phosphate-Free Powdered Detergent

This is a nonionic, low foaming phosphate free powdered cleaner for use in labware washers, and manual and ultrasonic cleaning instruments. It features a corrosion inhibited formulation recommended for glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, rubber and fiberglass. This product rinses to non-interfering levels of residue, sometimes called "free rinsing".


Passes inhibitory residue test (something important for water testing laboratories).

Dilution instructions:

Product comes as a powder and is typically diluted 1:200 (5g per liter). At use strength the detergent has a pH of 11.5.

4 pound box (1.82 kg)