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Gilder Pattern TEM Index Grid, Copper, Vial of 100 Grids
Gilder Pattern TEM Index Grid, Copper, Vial of 100 Grids
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Gilder Pattern TEM Index Grid, Copper, Vial of 100 Grids

Item Number 2990C-XA
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Price  $47.08

Use gold plated copper and gold plated nickel grids offer the for the inertness of gold, but for a much lower price! While we believe the concept of a gilded grid is excellent, at least for some users, with some reactions, we expect that it will fall short of the inertness of a pure gold grid.

Specifications:         Horizontal Axis     Vertical Axis

Mesh (lines/in)              200                   250

Pitch                      125 µm                105 µm

Bar width                   20 µm                 15 µm

Hole width                 105 µm              

This new innovative pattern allows the microscopist to know always exactly where they are on a grid. Each grid square has unique markings on the sides of the grids bars so there is never any question about location and such markings can be documented in a low magnification micrograph of that particular grid square. Putting it another way, each grid square is asymmetric, having a different silhouette in each of the four corners. This enables the analyst to always know the orientation of the grid at microscopic levels. The logo on the rim allows for precise orientation when the grid is placed in the grid holder prior to placement in the TEM.

It is obviously not the pattern for everyone, but when precise knowledge to document exactly where and in which grid square a particular feature is needed, then this should be the real choice.

Check these features :

Smooth Edges

Excellent dull / shiny side discrimination

All grids are 3.05 mm in diameter

Each grid square has a unique built-in markings

Order numbers include a code letter to indicate metal type