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SPI Module Carbon Coater System with Pump, 110v
SPI Module Carbon Coater System with Pump, 110v
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SPI Module Carbon Coater System with Pump, 110v

Item Number 11429-AB
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Price  $10,227.69

SPI Module™ Carbon Coater and Vacuum Base With Pump 220v 50/60 Hz CE Certified:
With External Pump.

A Carbon Fiber Head come standard with the system and allows for ease of use and high through-put of samples. Carbon fiber coating involves much more of a "flash evaporation" of the carbon fiber, in a matter of a second or so, the fiber heats up, flashes off carbon and breaks. Carbon gets deposited before the head actually gets a chance to heat up, reducing the time samples are exposed.

A Carbon Rod Head is offered as an option

Vacuum Base and Carbon Coater Module plus an external 2.9m3/h pump, DUO 3 made by Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. For installation in a room without outside exhaust we recommend the purchase of an oil mist filter. And for the optimum performance, we recommend the purchase of a foreline trap.

RoHS Compliance

Carbon Coating the SPI-Module Way!

  • Small footprint provides significant savings in usable bench space.
  • Easily upgraded for extra capabilities. Add a sputter module without having to buy another complete system.
  • Specimen chamber: 5" (12.7 cm) High x 4" (10.2 cm) Outside Diameter
  • Uniform coating - all shapes, sizes. 
  • Safety interlocks - ensures that high voltage is not applied until vacuum is achieved.
  • Continuously movable sample stage - to easily adjust cathode to sample distance.
  • Mobility - compact design allows easy transport from lab to lab.
  • Finger bleed vacuum control - with the highest quality needle valve.
  • Inert gas entry - inlet in rear.
  • Water cooling to sample stage - standard.
  • One year warranty.
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Compliant