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Orion LEO DSM Remote Control
Orion LEO DSM Remote Control
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Orion LEO DSM Remote Control

Item Number 09294-AB
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Price  $1,250.20

The LEO DSM Remote Control Module is only for use with the following LEO DSMs:
940 / 942 / 950 / 960 / 962 and 982. 

Grabbing images from a DSM requires an RS232 connection between the computer COM1 or COM2 and the DSM serial interface 1 or 2. This means that the RS232 option must have first been installed on the DSM (This must be checked with the SEM provider before the installation of the ORION system). 

The following functions are provided with the LEO DSM Remote Control Module option:

  • Integrations of the DSM scanning data (eg. accelerating voltage, working distance, magnification)
  • The option to generate a scale bar in the grabbed image
  • The ability of the user to select which fields will be written to the grabbed image
  • If the Macro Command option is installed, the user can remote-drive the DSM from the computer